A hands-on guide with a literary twist: How to host a business website on IBM Cloud

Github repo can be found here.
Sample website hosted on IBM Cloud can be found here.

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What’s the relation between Dostoyevsky, A nose with legs and IBM cloud? You will soon find out…

Here’s a story: One early morning, a barber was slicing freshly baked bread his wife made. To his amazement, at the heart of the fresh soft loaf, the barber found… a nose! — but not just any nose — the barber recognizes the nose as belonging to one of his clients: Major Kovalyov. …

In his 1915 masterpiece “The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka described a surreal world in which a salesman, named Gregor Samsa, wakes one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a huge cockroach. Poor Gregor struggles across the book to adjust to this new horrible condition.

Almost 100 years later, many companies put together their greatest efforts building and developing innovative and powerful technologies, aiming to transform our lives. These technologies can sometimes overwhelm us with their complexity (which, oddly enough, aims to simplify things). …

I have developed a tool to code sign applications. I have done that after looking for such tool and finding almost none. My tool is www.sign.pe

I have been writing blogs and articles about various issues for the last 10 years. I write about software development, information security, music and photography.


Michael Haephrati

Inventor, Information Security Expert

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